What Does Being ‘Authentic’ Really Mean?

Apr 4, 2016

We all know the importance of being authentic and genuine when it comes to having a successful business. However our ability to be authentic is even more important in the realm of life coaching when your clients are choosing to work with YOU as their coach.

But what does being ‘authentic’ really mean?  The word has certainly taken on a life of it’s own. We see and hear it everywhere which can leave us questioning:

Am I being my true, authentic self?  

On one hand we want people to know how well we can support them as coaches – we’re professional and courteous, but there’s also the very human side to us that still has bad days and struggles and even has a wicked sense of humour.

Without fully realising, there are times when we’ve probably dulled down parts of ourselves or even enhanced certain aspects of our personality to ‘fit in’ or conform. What we truly believe here at Beautiful You HQ is that people want to know and love the real you. Yes – you!  And we know that being your authentic self is only going to boost your confidence as a coach and of course, enable your coaching business to really soar.

So let’s take a closer look at what it means to be ‘authentic’ as a coach.

Do What You Say

You know all those self-care practices and inspirational pep-talks you give your clients? Well…you have to walk your talk.

Putting up a front will only last for so long – so practice what you preach. That means taking time away from your business when you’re feeling overwhelmed and exhausted, actually drinking green smoothies instead of taking pictures of them and sitting down to do the inner work when you’re feeling stuck.

Be honest about what you do and the information that you share with your clients and followers. Of course, you don’t have to broadcast every single detail of your life, but make sure what you put out there is a true representation of you.

When you follow through and live a life that’s aligned with who you are, you can stand proud behind all that you do.

Are Your Intentions True?

Being authentic as a coach is also about being genuine about your intentions. You really do care about your client’s progress. You do want to inspire others.  And you take thoughtful consideration into what your clients and followers genuinely need.

There’s no point creating a program if you don’t believe in it yourself.  And there’s no need for you to take on clients that deep inside, you know aren’t suited to you or your zone of genius.

Always check in with your intuition and make sure you’re leading with your heart. People really do appreciate what you do when it comes from that sweet spot.

Break Down Those Barriers

If you met your virtual client’s in person – would they be met with the same ‘online’ version of you? We hope so!

Is it all glitz and glam on your website but does the ‘real’ you dress quite simply? Are you hilarious and like to crack a few jokes or two, but in the online world you’re subdued?

Being your authentic self as a coach means there are no barriers for people to get to know the real you. If you’re sassy – add some more sass, if you’re quiet and introverted, there’s no need for you to be anyone else but your quiet self.

When you’re being your authentic self, there’s no wall between you and the person that you’re trying to connect with. They can see that you’re being exactly who you are in the flesh and there’s nothing more appealing than that!

Let Your Own Light Shine

When you’re being your true, authentic self – there’s no need for you to copy or compete with anyone else in your coaching business.

You are enough and you don’t need to impress or please anyone to be liked. You definitely don’t need to change who you are to get more clients either!  Own your little quirks, discover your own way of doing things that feel good to you and most importantly shine your own light.

As a coach, it is your job to support, uplift and encourage other’s to shine their light and unleash their talents and gifts. Never shy away from doing that yourself.

Let people see you for all that you are and trust that the right people will be drawn to you when you’re being your full, true self.

And we’ll leave you with this very fitting quote from Scott Stratten.

“If you are your authentic self, you have no competition”

Ain’t that the truth!


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