The Power of Self-Love – Awaken Radio with Connie Chapman

Sep 17, 2014

Being a life coach trainer and entrepreneur I feel so blessed to have amazing opportunities presented to me every day.  The biggest and best opportunities are always where I get to meet new and incredible people, or deepen my relationships with people I already know and love.

And so when Connie Chapman asked me to be a guest on her incredible podcast Awaken Radio to share my thoughts about self-love and all areas of our life – business, career, finances, relationships and more I was a big ‘Yes!’  I was going to get to spend time with this beautiful and inspirational coach and also share with you all about the most important thing in the world – love – and how we can harness the power of self-love to live our best lives in a powerful and soul connected way.

Connie Chapman Julie Parker Awaken Radio

If you would like to listen in to our soulful conversation to help improve your own life and/or glean some take aways that you can use as a coach with your clients, you can do so here – The Power of Self-Love & Soul-Connection Hosted by Connie Chapman with Guest Julie Parker.   I hope you love it as much as I did connecting with Connie in this way.

And a small heads up….!  Connie has the most wonderful guests on her Awaken Radio Show and every single episode is filled with inspiration.  It’s an absolute must on your podcast list.


  1. Clare Greig

    What a beautiful chat. I love the idea of not having to fix people and it feeling effortless.


    • Julie

      Thank you Clare. I’m so glad you enjoyed it! Connie is amazing and it felt like such a lovely and effortless chat.

  2. Priyanka Yadvendu

    This was one of the most beautiful talks I’ve heard on Connie’s Awaken Radio. I found especially inspiring how once you started to be true to your truth and translated that to your business and website, everything started to flow. I’m experiencing something similar. Since I started to own my desires and be more honest even though I don’t know where it’s going to lead, ironically the more the Universe is opening up its beauty to me.

    • Julie

      Thank you Priyanka. I’m so glad you enjoyed it and great things are happening for you.

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