Erika Cramer, aka The Queen of Confidence, is an international confidence coach, inspirational speaker, and bestselling author who has transformed her story of trauma and adversity into a journey of healing and success. Her raw, real, and unapologetic approach has inspired millions of women around the globe to reclaim their confidence and transform their lives. With a global business supporting women, an award-winning podcast with over 2 million downloads, and a Bachelor’s degree in psychotherapy underway, Erika is a powerhouse of humour and heart who is supporting people everywhere to take up space and create the lives of their dreams.

Why would an already incredibly successful life and business coach decide to do further training at a place like the Beautiful You Coaching Academy? That very story is going to be revealed today in another inspirational interview here at Inspired Coach with the amazing ‘Queen of Confidence’ Erika Cramer. Erika shares why she has chosen to train with Beautiful You, her passion for learning and having a beginners mind and how even though she has just started – she is already loving the course. And watch out for a very special announcement from Erika and Julie about an in person coaching event they are holding in October in Melbourne. If you are thinking about becoming a coach you are not going to want to miss this one! 


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