Farm chick turned barefoot keynote speaker, Tracey Spencer is a business activator and mentor for the lightworkers who are hell bent on serving + creating a ridiculously abundant Biz + Life on their own terms. Known for her fire one-liners, spiritual straight-talk and hilarious business analogies, Trace writes, talks and teaches about owning your authentic power and going big with your lightwork. Since 2015 she has led and coached hundreds of women out of fear and into their creative power through one-to-one mentoring, group coaching programs, her Rock Your Light book, live speaking events, and the Live Your Lightwork podcast.

We are joyfully interviewing today our current co-winner of the International Coach of the Year Award – Tracey Spencer. Tracey did not know when this episode was recorded that she would be the winner of that award and it’s amazing to see how even since this time her business and coaching success continues to go from strength to strength. Tracey is raw, real, relatable and razor sharp when it comes to all things authenticity, embracing your uniqueness and bucking trends online. We know you will be inspired by her every word in this interview.

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