Tash Pieterse is a Certified Leadership & Mindset Coach who helps ambitious professionals lead with less burnout, overwhelm, and self-doubt so they can live and work with more clarity, confidence, and energy. She is also a wife, and mother to a 18 month old son, so brings to her coaching work the lived experience of living a full life, creating a successful career, running a business and practising self-care with solid boundaries to ensure she shows up as her best across every area of her life.

The global pandemic played a very pivotal role in the success story of our guest today – Tash Pieterse. Tash utilised that very volatile and difficult time in a soulful way in her business and it saw her leverage the many needs her professional clients had during that time into a form of deep service and ultimate success for her business. Enjoy this coaching success story with a beautiful coach doing so well in the leadership, corporate and career space not just with 1:1 clients but with large corporate clients as well.


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