Dr Kate Cashman is a speaker, award winning speaking and leadership coach and educator who helps executives and entrepreneurs find their voice, get visible and wildly grow their careers and businesses. Using her signature framework, the Courageous Speaking Method, she works with people one-on-one, in her soon to be launched group program, The Courageous Leader, and through her online course, The Courageous Speaker, to support people to build courage and confidence to lead, live and share their voice in a way that is entirely their own. Kate is the speaking coach and co-curator for TEDxHobart, was a lecturer for over 14 years and also owns a yoga and pilates studio in Tasmania.

Hold on and buckle up to hear the amazing journey and story of Dr Kate Cashman and how she moved from the world of academia and lecturing at Universities into being a thriving and successful coach. Kate did this in a non-linear way that has involved the establishment of not just one but two successful niches, showcasing that it is very ok to change your mind on your coaching path and try new things. Kate has also beautiful words to share on what success truly means to her and her own versions of what both courage and confidence mean.  


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