Karen is a multi-award-winning trauma and nervous system-informed coach, social worker and supervisor. She is a consultant and trainer for UK charity and statutory sector organisations and specialises in working with marginalised and under-served communities.She organises beautiful retreats and works 1:1 with women in recovery from addiction, disordered eating, trauma and mental health challenges.

She is obsessed with supporting women to rebuild a loving relationship with themselves, so that they can move beyond their past and live the lives they truly deserve. She has worked with women in the sex industry for 2 decades.

We are going all the way to the UK today for our latest Beautiful You Coaching Academy Success Story with Karen Marie Johnston. Karen is an internationally award winning and incredibly unique coach whose path to success in her business has not traversed the somewhat ‘usual’ path we may see online. She works with a very underrepresented cohort of clientele and has a deep passion for making coaching services more equitable and accessible for all people. And Karen does just that very thing while also running a sustainably success business showing that it is more than possible to do BOTH!

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