Chandni is a career, clarity, and confidence coach who supports working mums with school aged kids through transformative career and life changes. Chandni is a fun-loving, coffee-drinking mum of two, with over 18 years of corporate experience, 12 of which have been in the financial industry. She has worked with organisations like Accenture and Suncorp, across diverse landscapes in Australia, India and Singapore. Chandni’s background involves steering substantial teams and managing diverse personalities, providing her with the ability to inspire and motivate people within and beyond the workplace.

Most people who decide to train to become a life coach desire to start their own business – and fair enough to that! We love seeing our trainees become coaches and go on to do that in their lives but one of the things not often known is how studying to become a life coach can also positively impact your current career and most definitely your life too. Our guest today Chandni Arora is here to share how studying to become a life coach with us positively transformed her personal life, her career life AND gave her the now thriving business she has too. Now that’s a trifecta if ever we knew of one!


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