Caroline Kell is a proud Mbarbrum woman who was born and raised on Kulin Lands. She is the Founder and Managing Director of Blak Wattle Coaching and Consulting. Caroline is a Former Counsellor and Executive Director who is deeply passionate about the social emotional wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. She has over six years of policy design and community engagement experience working across governments, community health services and in a therapeutic environment, helping to drive long term outcomes in treaty, truth telling treaty, health, and mental health reforms. 

Caroline oversees Blak Wattle’s day to day operations, stakeholder engagement, masterclasses, and coaching. She is a bold and conscious trauma informed leader, facilitator, and thinker.

Can you burnout from doing something you love – like coaching? Yes. You can. And as an often misunderstood phenomena it is not always something you can come back from easily or quickly. Our guest on Inspired Coach today – Caroline Kell – has a passion for supporting and educating people about the topic of burnout. Listen in as Caroline shares how to recognise burnout, minimise it and thrive as a coach and human being in the helping profession. 


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