Kerry Solomon is a Women’s Worthiness Coach, Yoga Teacher and Retreat Facilitator who believes self-worth is essential to wholehearted living. Kerry supports women who are ready to revolutionise how they feel about themselves and their lives by helping them identify and honour their needs, compassionately build their self-acceptance, self-love and self-belief, and live with deeper fulfilment, joy and peace.

We couldn’t think of a more valuable topic to talk about when it comes to supporting our clients than that of self-worth. Our self-worth as a human being is something we all walk with for life and may as we do – experience significant highs, lows and lots of ‘in betweens’ with. And it goes almost without saying that for our clients who are always going to be in some stage of transition and desiring transformation in their lives that self-worth is something that could very likely arise as a need to address in a coaching journey. Kerry Solomon is here with us today as a Women’s Worthiness Coach to help us navigate this entire plain. For ourselves as coaches and our clients too. 


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