Erica Carrico is an Award-Winning Money & Marketing Coach for women who are ready to transform their lives by creating 6 & 7 Figure Soul-Aligned Businesses. Erica helps her clients make fabulous money on their spiritual path so they can earn a living while fulfilling their purpose simultaneously. She has a BS in Psychology, a Masters in Business Management, and 12+ years in international business leadership. She built a Multi-Million Dollar Coaching Business in just over 4 years and is obsessed with helping her clients transform their lives (and the lives of others) while lucratively expressing their own soul purpose.

What a delight to have on the podcast for this episode our 2020 International Coach of the Year Erica Carrico. Erica has built a thriving seven figure business through a lot of determination, overcoming obstacles and sheer will to find the right path for her and assist her coaching clients to do the same. The role that pro bono coaching has played in Erica’s success (in two very different but meaningful ways) is incredibly interesting to note – especially for all the up and coming coaches out there!

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