Yolanda Finette is a certified, award winning holistic life coach, holistic counsellor, & wellbeing practitioner whose practice honours identity, sovereignty & reconnection.

Combining her unique cultural intersection of Aboriginal (Yorta Yorta), African American and Greek heritage, her journey enabled her the tools to reconnect with her ancestral lineages and create a multi-dimensional approach to her 1:1 and group coaching programs. Yolanda is passionate about supporting First Nations people to remember their power, feel seen, take up space and live their most potent and courageous versions – with particular focus on drawing on inter-generational wisdom and knowledge to break unwanted patterns and redefine generational blueprints

Our Success Story today is with Beautiful You Alumni Yolanda Finette. Yolanda is a leading coach for First Nations entrepreneurs and combines her Aboriginal (Yorta Yorta), African American and Greek heritage in unique ways to support her clients with their own ancestral longings and goals. Yolanda is a true inspiration and we know you will be inspired by the amazing variety of offerings she has in her business and the loving ways she has created true coaching business success.


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