Dr. Kirstey Holland is a distinguished healer who masterfully combines Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Functional Medicine, Naturopathy and Life Coaching to create a unique healing experience. Blending ancient wisdom with modern science, she formulates customised treatments that balance nature’s forces within the body. Dr. Holland’s expertise expands beyond TCM, as she delves into the complex realm of functional medicine and your personal narrative to identify root causes and foster holistic well-being. As a specialist in Nutritional and Environmental Medicine, she empowers clients to make nourishing choices, orchestrating a harmonious healing journey. 

Dr Kirstey Holland is a success story as a coach (and many other things besides!) that could easily have NOT been a success story. At the time of studying with us to add life coaching to her string of qualifications and expertise Kirstey openly admits she struggled with holding herself back in multiple ways. Despite that, she remained committed to her coaching studies in her own quiet way, believing in what she was learning and the positive impact it would bring to her clients and patients lives. Years later Kirstey is now a thriving health coach and has added that expertise into her practice as a doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine and naturopathist, particularly in the area of supporting women with perimenopause. Kirstey’s journey to success is therefore a winding but wonderful one. 


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