Are You Playing Small as a Life Coach?

May 6, 2013


One of the things I see life coaches do far too often is play small. Sometimes really small.

Despite the fact they may be amazing talented at being a life coach, brilliant at a particular skill, or radiant in certain circumstances, they water that talent down, hide their skill or dull their radiance. Deliberately. Why? Maybe you can tell me in a comment below, but I think it’s likely to be a myriad of reasons from things like not wanting to stand out too much, not wanting to draw critique or criticism, fear of getting torn down and yes, fear of getting lifted up too.

It’s beyond beautifully true what Marianne Williamson said in her incredible book ‘A Return to Love.’

“Your playing small does not serve the world.”

There is such truth in that. When you are playing small as a life coach something you could create that may have the potential to change someone’s life, remains just an idea. When you are playing small as a life coach you don’t give yourself permission to be the ‘real’ you, with you paying the ultimate price in lack of authenticity for doing so. When you are playing small as a life coach you hide. When you are playing small as a life coach you dull the light that surrounds not only you but others too.


So if you’re holding yourself back, dumbing yourself down, dimming your light and hiding behind someone else or even under your bed – it’s time to come out.

That world Marianne Williamson is talking about? It’s your world too and we need you. We so need you to shine and be the best life coach you can be.

Here are my best tips how…

Give up the need to please others. Do what pleases you, what makes you shine bright. What makes you feel your most beautiful and best. Put you and your needs and desires first as both a person and a life coach too.

Learn once and for all that you can NOT – no matter how clever you think you may be – control what others think of you. Not only can you not control it – sometimes you can’t even influence it. Go figure. Just be concerned with what YOU think.

Whenever your most special skills and talents lie as a life coach lie, also lies a key to happiness, confidence, clarity and so much more. Don’t deny yourself that divine key out of fear. Happiness, confidence and clarity are BIG life wants right? And they can be yours if you stand up and reach out for them. Something you cannot do if you’re playing small as a life coach. (Tuck this one away and remember it for your clients too!)

Dulling out your light also dulls the light of others. Be a shining trailblazer and give silent permission to others to do the same. And just watch your life change, and your clients lives change, for the better.

You only get one life. Remember that. Better is it not to ride through in a blaze of glory than anything less? You better believe it.

Turn your light on. Marianne, I and the rest of the world are waiting to see you.


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