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‘Build Your Biz + Blog With Love’ Digital Guide

How Learning to Love, Respect and Honour Yourself is the Key to an Inspirational, High Profile and Profitable Business and Blog

Build your biz and blog with love

 We know you have the most amazing business or beautiful blog – or want to have them.

They’re your dream.  Your passion.  Your online home and creative heart.

And you want them both to touch SO many people.  Excited clients signing up to your services.  Eager clients purchasing your amazing products.  Advertisers knocking over your inbox – and yes – readers and newsletter subscribers galore.

But we know what you know.

Being an entrepreneur and blogger is not always easy.

There can be moments when your confidence about what you’re doing can feel more than a little jelly-like…comparisons to others creep in, you worry that you’re getting left behind the pack, you know you need to market yourself but self-promotion feels icky and yuck, and you’re not even sure some days that anyone would give you money for what you do.  Ugh!

Can you relate beautiful you?  You’re not alone if you can!   

And that’s why our CEO and Founder Julie Parker has written ‘Build Your Biz + Blog With Love’ for you – beautiful you – because not only does she WANT you to have a shining, successful and amazing business and blog…she knows you DESERVE it.

And throughout the month of May 2014 100% of the proceeds of your purchase go towards supporting our amazing charity ygap and their 5cent campaign!  You can pay any price for this amazing ebook from $1.00.


Build Your Biz and Blog With Love

Testimonial - Chantelle Ellem - Fat Mum Slim

Testimonial - Danielle Melnyczenko - Danimezza

We want you to slay those self-esteem sapping dragons, ditch the comparisons that make you crumble, embrace the art of positive selling and be outrageously confident and proud when you tell others what you do, knowing it can lead to more clients, more customers, more readers and yes, (let’s not forget or diminish any more shall we!) more money too.

Testimonial - Rachel MacDonald - In Spaces Between

After coaching so many incredible entrepreneurs and bloggers Julie knows that you can have the most amazing website or blog, marketing plan, facebook icons and all.that.jazz but if you don’t believe in yourself – if you don’t love yourself in the way that building a successful online home requires – you will never achieve what I know you’re truly capable of.  How so?

When you love yourself you speak your truth.

 When you love yourself you would never turn down a chance to speak in public, be on a panel or go to a networking function because you felt you weren’t good enough.

 When you love yourself you create beautiful social media interactions by giving of yourself first and selling of yourself second.

When you love yourself you crawl, smile and sashay your back from setbacks and criticism.

When you love yourself you don’t compare yourself or your business or your blog to anyone else.

When you love yourself you charge what your services or products or online real estate are really worth.

When you love yourself you spend money on you and your business.

 When you love yourself you don’t hide away because you’re worried you’re not thin enough/pretty enough/young enough/tall enough/anything enough.

Build Your Biz and Blog With Love

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What is ‘Build Your Biz and Blog With Love’ REALLY all about?

 Let me give it to you chapter by chapter!

This gem of a digital guide is a whopping 95 pages long and it’s filled with all the love, wisdom and learnings Julie has enjoyed (ahem – and endured!) in building her own successful business and blog.  Build Your Biz and Blog With Love has allowed her a space to open up to you about her journey to full time entrepreneurship as a life coach, business coach, life coach trainer and speaker, and share with you all she knows about self-love and how it impacts business and blogging.

Testimonial - Kate Powe - Quirk of Nature

BUT – she’s not created this guide on her own.  There are SO many incredible women entrepreneurs, biz owners and bloggers who are out there living the dream with utter grace, magic and financial finesse and she wanted you to be inspired by them in ‘Build Your Biz and Blog With Love’ too.  Here’s what they have to lovingly share with you…

Build Your Biz + Blog With Love Chapter Guide

And here’s some beautiful news for you.  Even though ‘Build Your Biz + Blog With Love’ has a retail value of $27.00 we have made it so you can adjust the price and PAY WHAT YOU WANT from just $1.00  Bonkers right?  No.  Not really.  It’s deliberate.  We want this digital guide to land in front of the lovely eyes of as many people who need it and if $27.00 is a barrier to that, we have willingly removed it.

And in choosing the price you wish to pay we want you to dig deep into your well of self-love and ask yourself how much ‘Build Your Biz + Blog With Love’ is worth to you right now?  How much self-love do you need to build and nurture and nourish within yourself?  And how much are these things worth to you right now as you either start or continue to build your biz and blog.  Empower yourself to pay what’s right for you!  It again, can be any price you want from $1.00, maybe even MORE than $27.00, if you feel that’s what it’s value will be to you.

And also what is of value to our incredible charity ygap who are supporting incredible community projects in Australia and developing countries.  Yes!  100% of your purchase goes directly to them!

Build Your Biz and Blog With Love


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Harness the beautiful power of your own self-love through ‘Build Your Biz and Blog With Love.’

Be inspired by some of the worlds most amazing entrepreneurs and learn how you can build and grow and revel in and love your own business and blog.

You’re SO worth it beautiful you.

We cannot wait to see you shine and we THANK YOU for your purchase which goes directly to supporting the amazing work of ygap.  You’re beautiful!  THANK YOU.

Build Your Biz and Blog With Love