inspired COACH Magazine with Megan Han

Aug 17, 2021

We’re thrilled to share with you our 65th edition of inspired COACH magazine, featuring Megan Han as our incredible cover star.

As part of The Shine Issue, Megan shares with us a brilliant feature on how she began working with her first clients, and how she’s gone on to build a fulfilling, growing coaching practice since. Megan is a certified Beautiful You Coaching Academy graduate and Heartbreak Coach who shows women how to reinvent their breakups and their lives. Through her 1:1 coaching, Megan guides her clients to transform their breakups from an experience of loss and rejection into the best thing that’s ever happened to them. 

Within this special issue, Megan gets real and open about her top three most powerful lessons, learnt first-hand while building a successful coaching practice. She also shares about the most unexpectedly fulfilling moments she’s experienced in her first year as a coach. It’s such a pleasure to feature Megan and we know you’ll find deeply valuable nuggets of wisdom about what it takes to attract your first clients as a new coach! 

In addition to our feature on Megan, we include the stories, experiences and lessons learnt from six other amazing coaches in their first years of business. They share what it really takes to create success in a way that feels unique and aligned to YOU, even if you’re a brand new coach.

The depth of wisdom and practical insights within this Shine Issue is phenomenal – we’re not kidding when we say you’ll refer back to these lessons for years to come!

inspired COACH Magazine is available for you to download for FREE right HERE. Enjoy this inspiring edition!


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