inspired COACH Magazine with Marie-France Samba

Nov 11, 2020


We’re so excited to share our 62nd issue of inspired COACH magazine: The Mindset Issue, featuring Marie-France Samba as our cover star. 

As part of this issue, we bring you an incredible interview with Marie-France on how her mindset has supported her in life and business, the impact of being a multi-passionate coach, and her three best mindset tips for you to be at your best as a coach. Marie-France is a personal brand coach and image strategist for women entrepreneurs, as well as a speaker, mother of two boys and avid world-traveller. Born and raised in Paris and fascinated by the English language as a child, Marie-France completed a Master’s degree in English, Marketing and Communication and launched her first business in 2009, a thriving English Academy for kids and teens, which she still runs today alongside her incredible coaching business.

Marie-France’s interview is essential reading if you want to be inspired by what’s possible when you embrace all your gifts, follow your callings, and consciously and lovingly move through fear and self-doubt.

As well as our feature on Marie-France, this issue includes articles from five other amazing coaches. Read on to discover the steps that will help your clients finally overcome perfectionism, what it takes to make lasting mindset shifts that fuel confidence and clarity, the six-part process to healing your inner critic, powerful mindset activities that will leave you feeling aligned and connected from sunrise to sunset, and how to use mindset tools mindfully.

You’ll want to keep this edition handy for months to come. The tools and takeaways within won’t just impact your business and your clients… they’ll impact your life too!

inspired COACH Magazine is available for you to download for FREE right HERE. Enjoy this powerful edition!



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