inspired coach magazine with Lesieli Oliver

Aug 19, 2020


It is with so much excitement that we bring you our 61st edition of inspired COACH magazine, featuring Lesieli Oliver as our incredible cover star.

As part of The Shine Issue, Lesieli shares with us a brilliant feature on how she attracted her first clients and continues to build a thriving business. Lesieli is a proud Tongan woman, wife, mother of 4, business owner and a BYCA certified life coach. After finishing university, working for several politicians, and then having children, Lesieli began to realise that she felt called towards another type of work. She went on to discover her passion for serving women through coaching, and now, through her courses, workshops and 1:1 programs, supports working mums with young children to juggle their busy lives and copious demands while thriving through it all. Within this special issue, Lesieli reveals her top three actions that led to her successful first years as a coach, as well as her most supportive tips for coaches building their business (you’ll want to take note!). It’s such a pleasure to feature Lesieli and we know you’ll love soaking up her lessons and insights as she dives deep into what it takes to attract your first clients as a new coach.

In addition to our feature on Lesieli, these pages include stories, tips, and advice from seven other brilliant coaches who share how to attract dream clients and establish a strong brand and reputation, even if your coaching business is just starting out.

This is an edition you’ll want to refer back to – that’s how applicable their insights are! We hope the success of the incredible coaches within inspires you to see what’s possible for your own first year of business too!

inspired COACH Magazine is available for you to download for FREE right HERE. Enjoy this divine edition!



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