inspired COACH Magazine with Jennifer Lee

Oct 13, 2016

Building a business that combines creativity, joy and abundance is almost every coaches dream, which is why we’re thrilled to introduce you to the amazing Jennifer Lee as our cover coach for this month’s edition of inspired COACH magazine. After spending ten years working in the corporate world, Jennifer shares her story on how she courageously transitioned into the role of full-time coach, creative and author, by creating her own thriving business. Penning her books ‘The Right Brain Business Plan’ and ‘Building Your Business The Right Brain Way’, Jennifer’s refreshing approach to business will be to sure to inspire you to hone in on your natural, creative gifts AND make money doing what you love.


In this edition, we have loads of inspiring articles to support you to step into your role as a ‘Conscious Boss’, how to overcome website fear or even shame, as well as beautiful photography tips for your coaching brand. And if your latest launch hasn’t been as successful as you’d hoped, learn how to move forward with confidence and you can also see who our next star coach is with our ‘Coach Spotlight’ feature!




inspired COACH magazine is lovingly created every month to support you, no matter what stage you are in your coaching business! Get access to this jam packed edition for FREE and enjoy reading all the insider tips, tools and insights from real, heart-centred coaches.


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