inspired COACH Magazine with Clare Desira

Jun 1, 2021

We are excited to share our 64th issue of inspired COACH magazine: The Awards Issue, featuring the incredible Clare Desira as our cover star.

As Beautiful You Coaching Academy’s 2020/2021 International Coach of the year, Clare shares with us her most supportive tips for coaches building their business, as well as the daily mindset tools that have allowed her to trust her growth and enjoy her journey to new levels of success in her life and business. Her words are essential reading if you want to know what it takes to create a generous, resilient business that continues to impact clients years after you work with them. We know you’ll enjoy her story, experience and wisdom as much as we do!

This special Awards Issue also features each of our 2020-21 Beautiful You Coaching Academy award winners who share what they attribute to building a life and business that honours their multi-passionate selves and achieving success as a life coach.

As well as bringing this Beautiful You Coaching Academy Awards day to life (or this awards evening, as it was for many of our international attendees for our 2021 virtual event!), this issue also includes articles on how to truly celebrate yourself and give yourself permission to shine, and what it takes to position yourself as an expert, share your stories and accelerate your business with publicity.

We know this incredible edition will deliver an enormous amount of actionable inspiration to apply to your own life and coaching business straight away.

inspired COACH Magazine is available for you to download for FREE right HERE. Enjoy celebrating all the incredible coaches within!



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