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inspired COACH Magazine with Cara Phillips

May 14th, 2015 | 2 comments

If you’re thinking to yourself that it only feels like yesterday that the latest edition of inspired COACH Magazine came out well you’d not be quite right…but almost!  Our little monthly mag has got her skates on and is now coming to you bi-weekly at the start and middle of the month.  We have been truly touched by your support and calls for more inspiration within her pages and so for the remainder of 2015 we are going to share her with the world more regularly.  If we can manage to keep up with it we will keep it going!

And what a joyful first bi-weekly edition it is with the divine Cara Phillips as our cover coach.  Cara is a highly educated, compassionate and wise coach with expertise in health, wellbeing, mindset and counselling.  She is a treasured member of the Beautiful You Coaching Academy faculty and also a Beautiful You Life Coach as well.  We know her story of coaching success will inspire you.


And within you will find wonderful articles on coaching clients who have anxiety and helping our clients (and maybe ourselves?!) take big leaps of faith.



And as always a sprinkling of visual quote inspiration and scrummy health coach recipes.


We hope you love this surprise edition of inspired COACH Magazine which as always is available for you to subscribe for free. And if you fancy yourself starring in our pages – we would love to hear from you! Contact us and tell all!


2 people have commented
  1. Was so happy to see Cara’s beaming face on the cover today – and then even more happy to read the article within. She is incredible – so much wisdom and brilliance.