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inspired COACH Magazine with Debbie Spellman

September 24th, 2014 | 2 comments

Well beautiful you…you asked for it and so we are delivering!  Your free digital copy of inspired COACH Magazine is now coming to you monthly.  We have all been so thrilled and overwhelmed with gratitude at your response to our magazine which is only one year old next month.

Everything you love about the magazine is the same but a little lighter on feature articles so we can get this out to you every month in great time to inspire you with beautiful articles, photos and design to inspire your business growth and work with clients.

And our very first monthly edition has a special cover coach in Debbie Spellman.  I have known Debbie for a few years now – and she is as beautiful in person and while coaching as she appears on this cover.  She’s incredibly successful, spirited and soulful and I know you will enjoy reading about her coaching journey.

Debbie Spellman

We also have amazing articles within about how cultivating more gratitude in your life can help improve your coaching, how to support clients with body image issues and how to better manage your coaching finances.  All of this and so much more!

Body Image Coaches Affirmation


Happy reading and if you’re yet to get your free copy you can sign up at the top of our home page or on our dedicated inspired COACH Magazine page.  Enjoy!

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