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inspired COACH Magazine with Clare Bowditch

October 15th, 2014 | 12 comments

I’m so very excited to share with you this very special edition of inspired COACH Magazine with artist and life coach Clare Bowditch gracing our cover.

Clare is a multi-award winning singer and songwriter and founder of Big Hearted Business.   She also happens to be passionate about life coaching, creativity and helping other creative and soulful people shine through workshops, conferences and retreats.  I recently had the pleasure of spending a week with Clare in beautiful Bali on the very first Big Hearted Business Creative Retreat an experience I will share with you all here in a post very soon!  Her interview will inspire you – especially if you consider yourself to be a creative and multi-passionate coach.


In our October edition we also have amazing articles on helping your clients be mentally fit, how to use yoga and meditation in your coaching business and how to get those ever important newsletters read!

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12 people have commented
  1. Having a Big Hearted Business means doing what I love and what lights my soul on fire, leading with my heart, trusting my feelings and knowing that if I do business in this way I will not only contribute to the world, but I’ll be supported by the universe and able to make a living by serving others! I’m so grateful to be on the road to creating my Big Hearted Business x

  2. Having a Big Hearted Business means listening to my enchanted silence (in order words, my inner guidance) to live an inspired life! I want to lead area of my life – professional, personal, spiritual, financial – with flow, beauty, and love. All of these are inter-connected and I can prosper when I live aligned to my own truth. And I hope to have a beautiful energy that I can absorb from others and vice versa. After all, we are all connected in the Universe.

  3. Having a Big Hearted business means consciously connecting my business to my ‘compass’. My compass is the core values and passion that underlie everything I do. The things that mean the most to ME, which are connection, health, honesty and growth. Giving it my all with love and meaning is what makes this business of mine so big hearted. Which makes my life so big hearted.

  4. Big Hearted Business , what other way would you really want your business to be? Big hearted means I get to be true to myself, listen to my own instincts and grow abundantly in all that I do. To be surrounded by like-hearted friends, peers and mentors. It make the whole journey worthwhile. To also be able to encourage others in their journey to find their true self and be real and actively listen to what they’re simply telling themselves.

  5. I had a funny conversation with someone the other day when he told me that the only way to succeed in business was to be as unattached as possible, to stay away from passion and emotion.

    I had to politely disagree.

    To me, having a Big Hearted Business is a non-negotiable. It’s showing up every day and operating from a place of love and heart. It’s making decisions that FEEL right, even if they don’t always make logical sense at the time, because they eventually will. It’s being in tune with you and the people you serve – because showing up for them and eliciting a heartfelt connection in anyway possible, is what means the most to people. It’s not just a transaction of goods and services for money, it’s a heart transaction – acknowledging another person, sharing something with each other, and walking away better off.

  6. ‘What does it mean to you to have a big hearted business?’
    to me it means simply that i operate from my heart, my soul, my gut… moving steadily towards what resonates and away from what does not.
    it means trusting my heart, it means trusting that i am enough. it means being always being mindful about the essence of who i am and what makes me shine and bringing and giving that wherever possible to the work that I do.

  7. I love this issue and have just added BYCA Blog to my favourites so I don’t miss any content or opportunities like this in the future. Don’t know why it took me so long just quietly!

    My own business is Soulful Warrior: where heart based passion + online business strategy collide, so in my own mind being able to build, grow and learn from the heart is essential to living as close to ultimate happiness as possible. As close to being able to express who we are as possible. And as close our truth as possible. It’s why we are here, right?

    Our hearts beat to our own rhythm, and if we can match our businesses to take their own authentic approach in that alignment, the world becomes a much more beautiful place for everyone.

  8. To me a big hearted business is the only way that I would ever want to do business. After working for years in Government, corporate, and academic positions – I found myself increasingly frustrated with the lack of ‘big heartedness’ (not a word? well it should be!) and the increasing focus on numbers and statistics as people slowly forgot that people are people (and just became a bum on a seat or an ASL). This is why I was so pulled toward doing your course Julie, even though it appeared to be so different to everything I had previously studied or experienced in the workplace – because I could ‘feel’ that the course (and its creators) had ‘heart’, that it encouraged it’s students to come from a place of ‘heart’, and that it helped us remember and appreciate the ‘heart’ in others and our clients.

    So, essentially I think a big hearted business is one where the business and it’s owners: 1) connect with and operate from their heart-space, and are aware of and guided by their desired feelings and values; 2) remember that people are people and treat them accordingly; 3) treat themselves , their staff, and their clients with compassion, respect and generosity; and 4) encourage their staff and their clients to also embrace their heart, feelings, values, and uniqueness.

    Well, that’s what my foggy-flu-brain has to say at the moment 😉

  9. Thank you to everyone who left such lovely comments to win the Big Hearted Business Membership as outlined in this edition of inspired COACH Magazine. The lucky winner is Sam!

    • Hi Andra,

      That’s great! Clare is amazing. We’re so glad to hear you got to see her speak and sing live in the flesh.