inspired COACH Magazine with Kate James

Dec 6, 2013


The Launch Issue of inspired COACH Magazine was a total smash. (Cue all of my dreams for this little publication coming true.)

Thank you to everyone who subscribed and supported her from the beginning and I am now thrilled to say that Issue Two is here with the amazing Kate James of Total Balance as our Cover Coach. Kate has built an incredibly successful coaching practice and is a much admired and in demand speaker as well. The story of how she has grown her life coaching and business coaching business is a soulful one.

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We also have amazing articles to help you and your clients shine from online marketing specialist Nina Vucetic and business and sales maven Katie Goode, and blog and online business coach Rachel MacDonald and personal trainer and life coach Sharon Taylor will show you how to support your clients to find their spirit and break through fears using emotional freedom technique. All this and some gorgeous health inspiration for you from life coach Rachel Gadiel too as well as our 10 Quick Questions feature with life coach Tiffany Han.

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To your beautiful coaching business and life!



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