How to Craft an About Page that Hits ‘Home’ With your Ideal Clients

Apr 2, 2014


Miish is a Certified Beautiful You coach and copywriter for coaches and creatives. Along with crafting the works for her clients (sales pages, emails, landing pages, quizzes), Miish shows coaches and creatives how to create businesses shaped to fit them, by using psychology-backed copy to make their clients feel seen, heard, and truly understood. As well as crafting strategy-driven words for companies like the Beautiful You Coaching Academy, Miish has worked with authors, artists, and big-hearted coaches including Michelle Ward, Ellie Swift, and Tracey Spencer. Connect with Miish at

When your reader wants to find out more about you, you can bet on where they’re headed to…your About page!
When done right, your About Page will draw your ideal clients in, make them feel like they already know, love, and trust you, and get them wanting more of you and what you’ve got to offer.
No biggie, right?!
It can feel like a lot to nail. After all, if you get it right, your About page will be working around the clock for you, 24/7.
So if you find the pressure all too much, instead of getting caught up staring at your blank Google doc, let’s take a step back.

Great About pages have a few common components.

Here are a few non-negotiables — things your about page must do if you want it to have a powerful effect:

  • Grab and keep the reader’s attention so they stick around long enough to connect with what you’re sharing
  • Answer the question, WIIFM (What’s In It For Me) – yep, you can do this even with fun facts!
  • Give the reader something to do next (the call to action/CTA)

Once you can put a ‘tick’ next to these three things, you can ditch the self-doubt — because it’s highly likely that your About page is set to do some heavy lifting for you and your coaching business!
If you’re looking for some powerful steps that land these components in place, I’ve got some great news for you:

Being a coach puts you in the perfect position to craft a killer About page

Because you have bucketloads of empathy.
And compelling, connection-fuelled copy is built off empathy.
While it’s true that your About page is about you and your work, it’s about your ideal client too. Before they can care about what you’ve got to offer, they need to have the sense that you ‘get’ them. And that takes the skill of understanding how they think and feel…and reflecting it back to them in your words (*ding ding ding*…empathy!).
So here are some questions to get your brain juices flowing as you step into your empathy shoes and nut out what to include in your about page.
 1. What would your ideal client be over the moon with excitement/relief that you get?
Would they be thrilled that you know what it’s like to be intuitive but sense there’s so much more of it to tap into? Would they be relieved that you get what it’s like to survive breast cancer and feel called to move into your next, new phase of life? What current-experience or future-desires could you reflect back to them?
If you have life experiences in common with your ideal client, share the relevant part of your story. This is a classic example of how your About page is about you and about them.
On the other hand, if you support your clients with something that comes naturally to you, don’t shy away from showing you still understand them — place your previous experience and empathy skills front and centre!
 2. What would your ideal want to know about you and your work?
How is it that you help your clients? 
What would it be like to work with you? 
What lights you up? 
What got you into this in the first place? 
What’s your take on the work you do and why it matters?
 3. What are some facts about you that your ideal client would love to discover?
These are great (and fun!) ways to build ‘know, like and trust’ — which your ideal client needs to feel before deciding to work with you. Facts about who you are/how you see the world give your reader the opportunity to connect with you. 
When compiling these, the trick is to get specific. Don’t shy away from (concise) detail…that’s what makes memorable copy.
Were there signs from your past that you were born to do this work? Do you have two pet rabbits who’re probably hiding beneath your bed during your Zoom sessions? Is there a story or part of your life that people are fascinated to hear about? Do you have a quirk or habit that sets you apart? Bonus points if you can relate it back to how you serve your ideal client!
 4. What’s the next step your ideal client can take to get closer to what they want?
Is it to sign up for your free resource? Is it to check out your services/how to work with you? 
Make the next step clear and easy to spot — you don’t want it to take any extra brain energy for the person on the other side of the screen to decide what to do next.

Once you’ve answered these questions with your dream client in mind, go through and pick out what’s most important. 

If you’ve gone through and written from these prompts, there’s a good chance you’ve got a chunk of copy to play with. So the next step is critical: edit down to what’s most attention-worthy to your ideal client. 
When you do, you’re acting in service to them. Just like coaching, powerful and precise communication takes the cake every day of the week.

The truth is, writing your about page *doesn’t* have to feel like a chore.

It doesn’t have to feel heavy and laced with uncertainty – “What goes where? What do I share? What do I not share?”
When you take the time to consider the experience of your About page from your ideal client’s perspective, you’ll be able to decide these things powerfully. 
And before you know it, you’ll be proud as punch as you put the final touches on an About page that truly hits home with your ideal clients.


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