How To Have A Successful Launch: Resources for Life Coaches

Feb 12, 2014


If you’re in the coaching business then at least once, if not a few times a year, you’re launching something.  It might be your new health coaching packages, a business coaching mastermind, a life coaching group or a transformation coaching ebook.  If it’s new or even just revamped – the time will come when you have to launch it out to the world and hopefully your ideal clients will come to it like bees to honey.  I’ve got my fingers crossed for you on that one.

It’s a myth, (and a romantic one at that), that you can just pop something up on your website, share a link to it on your Facebook page and that will be enough to attract all the clients and buyers you need for the abundant life I know you are trying to create for yourself.  It may work (may!) if you’re an uber big name with an uber big mailing list – but even then have you noticed how even those coaches and entrepreneurs don’t just plonk something out there and hope for the best?  They plan their launches meticulously and understand that there is a science to them that needs to take into account timing, exposure, potential affiliate marketing and more.

Case in point…Marie Forleo’s B-School is a worldwide enormous launch that is done with such class and the giving of an enormous amount of valuable information for free. You can also read my own personal review of B-School here. 

Launching in fact is something that is so big and important for the success of your life coaching business that in the Beautiful You Life Coaching Course there is an entire module devoted to it alongside the ever important building of your mailing list.  Here are some of the best resources on how to have a successful launch.

Launch Resources For Life Coaches

Having had the privilege of working with her personally if you are serious about making sure your next launch is an amazing smash – sign up for Anne Samoilov’s Free Launch Roadmap.’  It’s free and incredibly comprehensive.  A must.

Want to lighten the mood around your launch AND get some great tips in the process? Farideh Caeser has got you covered with her highly entertaining video blogs and easy to implement strategies.

Do you love a good list?  (I do!)  Hubspots Product Marketers have put together a checklist for a successful launch , a must see!

What do other people have to do with your launch?  According to Jeff Goins (and he’s right) – a LOT.

 Whether you’re yet to launch, or you’ve launched before, this article is your back-stage pass! The highly successful Nathalie Lussier shares 38 Things Nobody Talks About When Launching An Online Course.

 Wanting to start podcasting? Here are some great insights and tips from the experts themselves on How to start a Podcast.

Finally – I love this post from Life Coach Tiffany Han about what happens When Things Don’t Sell.

Are you launching anything right now?  How’s it going?  Hard work right?  I’ve been there!  Feel free to leave me a question below and as a launch veteran I’ll share some wisdom with you.


  1. Fran

    Hi Julie, wow what a great post! Thanks so much for all those crazy-valuable resources! I’ve got a few product launches planned this year, but I’m generally a ‘plonk it on Facebook & hope’ type of gal, so your help is sooo appreciated! xxx

    • Julie

      You’re super welcome Fran! Yep – that plonking on Facebook ‘plan’ doesn’t really have great results – or should I say if you actively plan things out a lot better than that you will get much better results. Even just a little more planning around launch time and through the process can do wonders. Good luck!

  2. Kate James

    Great post Julie. Thanks for including all of those fabulous resources in one place. You’re an exceptional role model for how to launch well!

    • Julie

      My pleasure Kate! I’m loving these resource posts. They are a joy to write and I hope are giving coaches a central place to get great information.

  3. Danielle

    Thank you for this Julie. Amazing resources. So grateful! xx

    • Julie

      You’re very welcome. A good one to bookmark!

    • Julie

      Enjoy the link party Katherine and good luck for your next launch!

  4. Kim

    Thank you for sharing all these great resources Julie! I’ll be launching my fertility eBook soon so this was perfect timing! xx

    • Julie

      Good luck with your launch Kim! Glad you were able to find these resources and links at the right time for you.

  5. Lisa

    Hi Julie
    Thanks for this info. This year is my BIG year, launching a whole new career! So all these resources will serve me well. I’ve also signed up for your Beautiful You life coaching course on the Gold Coast in June, so of course am super excited about that too. Launching, launching, launching a very exciting year xx

    • Julie

      That is a BIG launch indeed! Well done to you Lisa and cannot wait to meet you in our training. It’s going to be amazing.

  6. Stephanie Conrad

    This is such great info! I have been also working on a new products on my website and have been pretty nervous about launching them. I have also found this health coaching business program to help boost my confidence!

    • Julie

      Hi Stephanie, we wish you all the very best with launching your new products! So glad to hear that this post helped.

  7. Lycia Messersmith

    Great information and love your site, Julie! Thanks for sharing such helpful information. Being a female entrepreneur doesn’t seem so daunting now.

    • Julie

      We’re so glad to hear that Lycia. You’re definitely not alone and best wishes for your own successful launch and business!

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