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How To Heal Your Money Relationship: Resources for Coaches

April 9th, 2014 | 10 comments

Let’s talk cash!

Some may say that it’s crass to come right out the gate with such a sentiment, but in truth, I think that’s part of the reason why so many of us (as people and as coaches too) have our relationship with money more than a bit topsy turvy.

We don’t really want to talk about money that much –  but we do want it.

We know deep in our heart that what we do as a life coach, health coach, or business coach is truly valuable – but we hesitate to charge what it’s truly worth.

We would like an efficient, organised and steady stream of income, but often shy away from creating systems that are efficient, organised and steady.

We want to live a rich and abundant life but have fears around ‘owning’ that – being concerned others will see us as greedy or selfish.

Did you see yourself in any of those sentiments?  I think in truth that we’ve likely all seen ourselves in them at one time or another, or maybe we’re still there now.  The most important thing to know though, is that like anything in life, we can all overcome, or shift, or change, our relationship and the way we manage – anything.  And that includes money. No matter our money ‘story’ up until this very moment, we each have the opportunity to create a new story based on our values and what we truly want.

This is truly an infinite topic, but here are just a few resources that if you’re feeling a bit stuck or trapped in a less than abundant money cycle, can help you refresh your thinking and how money is flowing in and out of your life.  And yes of course – these links and resources can be just as much for your clients to help them as they are for helping you heal your money relationship.

Sarah Prout shows you How to Love Your Money So You Can Attract More

What’s your Star Sign and what does it have to do with your Ability to make Money?  (Go on!  For a bit of fun!)

Try these 7 Ways to Transform Your Money Mindset

The Language of Abundance by the always wonderful Nona Jordan.

Curious to know what famous, funny women think about money? Debunk those ‘rich myths’ and choose the kind of rich woman that you want to be.

Is this the best website in the world for women on the topic of money?  We think it is.  Dive in.

Surviving as a Business Woman is About Knowing Your Worth.  Ain’t that the truth.

Why Tracking Your Spending Will Shift Your Relationship With Money – for the better.

Looking to build a six or even seven figure coaching business?  Getting a loving handle on these emotions will likely help.

I hope you find these links and resources helpful.  A very wise woman (my Mum) told me once that we earn what we believe we are worth.

I think she’s right.

And so may this mean that you believe coach you have infinite worth, and therefore infinite capacity to feel and be rich, abundant and confident with your money.

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