To celebrate the tenth birthday of the Beautiful You Coaching Academy we are thrilled to have opened to our community the following special Decade Awards. Congratulations to all of our awards finalists noted HERE. Thank you to every member of our coaching alumni who participated in the nomination process.

Award finalists and winners will be honoured along with our Annual Awards Finalists at a Gala Award Dinner on April 6th 2024 in Melbourne, Australia.

Nomination Guidelines

  • To be eligible to nominate yourself or a fellow alumni coach for a Decade Award you must be a graduate of the Beautiful You Life Coaching Course
  • You may nominate yourself and/or a fellow alumni coach for as many Decade Award categories as you believe you/they are eligible for
  • You can only submit a nomination form once
  • Nominations will not be accepted by any means other than the nomination form
  • If you are unsure if someone belongs in a category please nominate them and if any nomination is incorrect/needs to be adjusted, the Academy will do that
  • Please read all FAQ’s noted below to assist you before filling out the form


  • Each nomination received by a BYCA coach counts for one point 
  • Each nomination received by a BYCA Trainer or Team Member counts for two points
  • All nominations will be added up and the up to six coaches in each category with the highest score will become finalists in that category
  • The winner of each category will then be chosen by a select group of BYCA Trainers and Team Members. Further information from Finalists will be requested at that time to assist with the judging process. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When do nominations open and close?

Nominations open 12pm AEST August 10th 2023 and close 12pm AEST August 31st 2023.

2. Will late nominations be accepted?


3. Can someone who is not a BYCA graduate nominate someone who is?

No. Nominations are only open to BYCA alumni. Any form submitted by someone who is not will be disregarded. 

4. Do I have to be certified to nominate myself?

No. With the exception of the Beautiful You Coaching Academy International Coach of the Decade for which all nominees must be certified.

5. Does someone have to be certified for me to nominate them?

No. With the exception of the Beautiful You Coaching Academy International Coach of the Decade for which all nominees must be certified.

6. Can I nominate a trainer or team members of Beautiful You Coaching Academy?

No. All trainers and team members are ineligible for these awards.

7. Do I have to tell someone I am nominating them or will they find out if I submit this form?

No. No one will know who has nominated anyone unless you choose to personally inform them.

8. Can I nominate more than one person in a category - including myself?

Yes. You may nominate as many fellow coaches, including yourself, in an individual category as you like.

9. I think that either I or someone I want to nominate is eligible for more than one category? Is it ok to nominate in as many categories as I think fit me or someone else best?

Yes. It’s likely for a number of coaches they may suit more than one category and so you can nominate yourself or a fellow alumni coach in as many categories as you like.

10. Do I or a fellow alumni coach have to have a live website to be nominated?

Yes. If you or a fellow coach are not established online yet a judging panel is not going to have enough information to review. Please consider nominating yourself for our yearly awards when you do.

11. Do I have to nominate in every category?
No. You may nominate in as many or as few categories as you wish.
12. I am unsure on what category/ies I or someone else belongs in. What should I do?

Please select the best category/ies you believe are right. Please do not email us asking which category to put yourself or someone else in. We cannot advise you on this and encourage you to trust yourself to make the best decision for you or someone else.

13. I am unsure where someone lives and so don’t know which regional category to nominate them in. What should I do?

Please look up their website to see if that assists you and if not, reach out to them and ask. Please do not contact us to find out the country someone lives in as we cannot provide that due to confidentiality reasons. If any person does end up in the wrong regional category based on the information we have about where they reside, we will adjust that to the right category.

14. Does not being able to attend the awards in person make me ineligible?

Not being able to attend the awards does not preclude anyone from nominating themselves or someone else. Nominations are open to all alumni regardless of whether they can attend or not.

15. What do finalists and winners receive?

Finalists will receive a medallion and finalists certificate. Winners of each category will receive a trophy and winners certificate.

16. How will I know if I am a finalist and is there anything I need to do to accept?

You will be emailed if you become an awards finalist and as per the Awards Timeline noted above you will have 7 days to respond to that email to accept. If you do not respond in that timeframe your finalist status will be withdrawn with no exceptions. Please ensure you are aware of the timeline and pay close attention to your inbox as well as spam and promotional folders. We will do our very best to contact you should you be chosen as a finalist, but we require you to respond to us to fully accept it. If you do not respond within the timeframe provided, you will not progress as a finalist.

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