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Create Your Own Life Coaching Vision and Mission Statement

January 23rd, 2014 | 6 comments

Do you have a vision and mission statement for your life coaching business?

You might be wondering why a vision or mission statement might be important to consider for your life coaching or small business or that they are only relevant to large companies – but they truly aren’t.

Vision Statement and Mission Statement

If you are in the business of inspiring, supporting, and helping people be held to their highest dreams and the life they most want to live, then your work is steeped in vision and mission every day. And if you are a life coach or any type of coach – health, business, parenting, transformational or other, then I would think that you can find at least part of your life coaching work in that sentence.  And if you are helping others create their own vision of an incredible life and commit to the mission of attaining that – how about one for you and your life coaching business?  You don’t have to be ‘big’ to have a vision and mission statement.  You don’t have to be earning lots of money.  You don’t even have to have clients!  In fact – creating a vision and mission statement of your own might help you GET clients.  Hooray for that!

Setting a vision and mission for your life coaching business is all about casting your dreams for your business high in the sky; ones that create a guiding light that then helps you make daily decisions about what you do and why you do it.

This is the new vision of the Beautiful You Coaching Academy.

Beautiful You Coaching Academy Vision

This is our vision for the type of world we want to live in.  A place where every person reaches their absolute full potential in a way that means they are on purpose and living an abundant and incredible life.

Some might think that’s way too lofty, but a vision statement is not meant to be about the here and now or the day to day.  It’s meant to be about ‘the dream.’  The type of dream world that you want to be a reality, and if people like beautiful you who are reading this now, (whether a life coach or not), don’t get to think big and aim for these types of realities do we think it’s even possible they may happen?  Not likely.  However when we proclaim it, they absolutely can happen, because we become a part of actively making it happen.

Now of course the Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy vision statement is not likely to be fully or even some relevant to you.  As a health coach maybe your vision is of a world where all people have access to nutritious whole food and can live with energy and vitality.  If you are a parenting coach maybe your vision is something about how all parents value and honour themselves daily and raise happy and independent children.  The possibilities and the beauty of a vision statement for your life coaching business are endless.

 If we want to live in a world where every person gets to meet their full potential what are WE going to do to make that happen?  This is what we’re going to do and that’s where our mission statement comes in.  This is our mission:

Beautiful You Coaching Academy Mission

If you have been wondering what is the connection between a vision statement and mission statement – there it is.  The vision is all about where you want to go.  The mission is how you’re going to get there.  So for the health coach their mission might be about education and group coaching around organic foods and sustainable living.  For the parenting coach it might be about providing inspirational and intuitive one on one and family coaching.  Your mission is your ‘how.’  Our ‘how’ is steeped in believing that we contribute to a self-actualised world best when we help heart-centred people put the gifts they have for helping others to use by becoming life coaches who go out in the world and touch the lives of thousands of people with their unique message and way of life coaching.  And we want to do this via our Beautiful You Life Coaching Course.

And this vision and mission now guide the work we do every day in an inspirational and positive way.  They make me and the amazing Beautiful You Coaching Academy team ask ourselves questions like:

‘Is this the best we can do?’ – ‘Will this help change someone’s life for the better?’ – ‘Is this as heart-centred and personalised as it can be?’

And by you asking yourself such questions, the type of questions that are linked to the vision you want for the world and your mission via your work of how you’re going to get there – you become a better life coach.  Your life coaching business runs with more purpose, connection, heart and drive.  And as you can see from above a good vision and mission statement is short, sweet, sharp and sassy.  It’s not meant to be long or drawn out.  It’s meant to get straight to the heart chakra of exactly what it is you’re trying to achieve in the great work you do.

So why not consider setting your own vision and mission statement as a life coach.  Put them up somewhere on your website, your vision board, your facebook page or wherever you know they will help guide you to do your best work and show your clients, potential clients and readers why you do what you do and why you believe it’s so important to the world.

Here are some key questions to help you create your own life coaching vision and mission statement:

What type of world do I want to live in?

What do I most believe in?

What am I trying to heal and help?

How do I want my world to be?

Why do I do what I do?

What is the purpose of my coaching work?

What type of impact do I want my coaching work to have?

How does my coaching work contribute to others and the world?

How is my work going to contribute to the betterment of others?

If you already have a vision or mission statement I would love for you to link to it below.  Let me check you out!  And if this post inspires you to create your own vision or mission statement do let me know as I’d love to see it.

6 people have commented
  1. Thank you so much for having written this article – it’s got everything about how to write a vision and mission statement and has been very beneficial!

  2. Great, I’m a motivational speaker and a life coach, having difficulties in coming up with a mission and vision statement that goes with what I do. Will be glad if you could help put me through.

    • Hi Shittu, it’s amazing to hear that you are looking to create your own mission and vision statement for your coaching work. The prompts and questions in this post are a great place to start in formulating your own. We would love to see yours once you put it up on your website.