Whitney Oppenhuizen


Whitney is an Intuitive Relationship Coach focused on supporting clients to develop a deeper connection to their intuition as they navigate relationships of all kinds. She focuses on supporting women who want to strengthen their relationship with themselves and their intuition. From here she works to assist in breaking negative patterns around relationships. Her work is based in transparency and deep connection to intuition. She loves supporting her clients as they grow both deeper in connection to themselves and in developing strong and meaningful relationships in their lives.


Life, Mindset, Spirituality, Relationships, Young People (18-28), Middle Age (45+), North & South America



Jackson Hole, Wyoming United States


Whitney works with women who are looking for clarity around their relationship to self and others in their lives. She helps her clients get clear on their needs and how to connect to their intuition while in relationships to live a more fulfilled and empowered life. Her clients are ready to break negative patterns around relationships and start living authentically in all aspects of life.


"Whitney helped me find the strength within myself to embrace what makes me unique. She guided me to realise what I need to keep my mind and body healthy. At the end of our time together, I had developed a very healthy relationship with the most important person in my life: myself. I also entered into a very healthy, fulfilling romantic partnership; something that was unexpected but fell right into place." - Sarah O

"Whitney’s coaching is highly reflective, full of high vibe energy, and deeply intuitive. She helped me see things that I had never thought of, and the space she held for me was so loving and supportive." - Jess W

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