Victoria Russell


Victoria Russell is a Health and Wellness Coach for life coaches and yoga teachers, as well as other health and wellness professionals. She aids her clients in identifying both career and personal goals such as navigating transitions in their jobs and at home. Victoria also specializes in recovery coaching specific to healing addictive behaviors and patterns. Her coaching style is grounded in kindness, featuring breath-work, meditation, ritual, and physical practices to deepen the relationship to self and with others.


Life, Health, Wellness and Self-Care, Spirituality, Career, Relationships, North & South America


200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Yoga For All Certification in Yoga for Bigger Bodies Relax and Renew Certified Restorative Teacher


Oakland, United States


Victoria works with dynamic, highly sensitive clients in need of healing, and ready for deep soul-work to set their lives aflame with the desires of their true nature. Whether it's carving out a plan for international retreats or developing a personal self-care plan for sustainability, Victoria helps clients gain confidence and direction in wellness pursuits for themselves and those they teach.


"When I began with Victoria, I was in serious transition life. I was struggling to find clarity on the new direction of my coaching, and felt my health and relationships were off-kilter. Victoria brought such wisdom to every session. She provided thoughtful insight and inventive exercises for me to work through the swirl of uncertainty and still show up as my best self and coach. Each session felt grounding, like a warm hug. As a result of our work together I feel better than I ever have. I healed old wounds and started to take action in my coaching career. I show up for my relationships in a new way and am so grateful for Victoria!" - Mandy Sciacchitano

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