Tracy Absolom


Tracy is a mum of four boys. A multi passionate, heart led dreamer who loves to celebrate others. Tracy is a Certified Life and Health Coach, Youth Mentor, Yoga teacher and celebration expert. “My journey doesn’t include one specific event that led me to begin celebrating myself. It’s been an evolution of life experiences, tears, laughter, paths with twists, turns, dead ends, creating my own path, rediscovering my creativity, rewriting old beliefs and stories. And here I am a Celebration Coach. Empowering women in mastering the art of celebrating who they are inside and out".


Life, Health, Wellness and Self-Care, Mindset, Relationships, Motherhood & Parenting, Australia & New Zealand


Certified Health Coach, Youth Mentor, Yoga Teacher


Canberra, Australia


Let’s celebrate you. Tracy works with big hearted women who are ready to find their spark and celebrate the true essence of who they are inside and out. You can no longer ignore the whisper. It's time to share your magic. Tracy’s gentle and compassionate nature helps you to discover your hidden treasures within, inspiring you to create a life you love to celebrate.


"I am so thankful to have worked with Tracy. Being a stay at home mum for many years to my 4 children I was feeling stuck and lacked confidence to find my thing and pursue it. I completed my first course in Aged Care with Tracy supporting and celebrating my journey."  - Katherine Samwell

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