Terri Schmidt


Terri is a Life Alignment Coach motivating women and men to step into their authentic selves. She inspires them to move from confusion to clarity so they can live a more harmonious, soul-filled life. While incorporating life coaching principles along with her keen intuitive abilities, Terri offers her clients a holistic experience to help create positive, life-changing shifts.


Life, Mindset, Spirituality



Capitola, United States


Terri’s clients are at a tipping point in their lives and are ripe for clarity. Their old ways of thinking and doing are not benefiting them anymore and are ready to connect to a higher perspective. She guides them to uncover their innate talents & focus in on what truly matters, creating a life that not only serves themselves in a more powerful way but the world around them as well.


“Terri Schmidt is a phenomenal coach and intuitive! I always feel much more relaxed and assured after our sessions. She is an astute listener and her patience, kindness and wisdom create a truly supportive and safe space to explore any variety of issues. She has helped me navigate important relationship and work junctures and gently guides you back to yourself with her grace, humour and insight.” Mara

“I made such amazing progress on projects in my first 3 months of coaching with Terri that I committed to another 3 months. Now we're jumping into launching things I have only previously dreamed about!” Kathleen

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