Terri Connellan


Terri Connellan is a creativity and career coach, writer and Jung/Myers-Briggs personality type practitioner. A leader and teacher in adult education by background, she guides women through deeper self-understanding to create their unique story. Drawing on a broad body of skills and passions, Terri works calmly to help women enrich their life path. An understanding of your personality story, wholehearted self-leadership skills, reading as creative influence and the intuitive art of tarot are key resources in her transformational tool-kit offered via coaching, ecourses and publications.


Life, Health, Wellness and Self-Care, Mindset, Spirituality, Career, Creativity, Middle Age (45+)


Majors Personality Type InventoryTM Certification, Majors Personality Type ElementsTM Certification, Bachelor of Arts (Honours), Diploma of Education, Graduate Diploma of Adult Education, Master of Arts (Language and Literacy)


Sydney, Australia


Terri works with women seeking deeper meaning and creativity, wanting to feel more wholehearted and authentic and to weave their unique threads of passions and personality together. Through self-leadership skills including understanding your personality strengths and threads in your body of work over time, Terri can support you to shape the life, work and creative projects you desire.


"I feel confident enough to aim high and I don’t have to feel apologetic for being who I am and what I want. Terri is a wonderful listener and a gentle, intuitive soul who has helped me to realise that the alchemy of my writing, teaching and spiritual life is not only possible but necessary." Claire

"My coaching experience with Terri was soul-oriented and nurturing. I have more faith in my ability to succeed. I think my strong, independent side has been allowed to breathe and see the light of day whereas before I kept her hidden. I feel like through the work we’ve done, who I really am is shining through." Rebekah

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