Terri Connellan


Terri Connellan is a midlife transition coach, writer and psychological type practitioner. With a successful 30-year career as a teacher and leader in adult vocational education, her coaching and writing focus on three elements: creativity, personality and self-leadership, especially for women in transition to a life with deeper purpose. Terri works with women globally through her creative business, Quiet Writing, encouraging deeper self-understanding of body of work, creativity and psychological type for more wholehearted and fulfilling lives.


Life, Mindset, Spirituality, Career, Creativity, Middle Age (45+), Australia & New Zealand


Majors Personality Type Inventory Certification, Majors Personality Type Elements Certification, Master of Arts (Language and Literacy), Graduate Diploma of Adult Education, Diploma of Education.


Sydney, Australia


Terri works with midlife women who want to make a transition to a life with deeper meaning and purpose. Her clients are readers, writers and creatives who wish to practise stronger self-leadership. Tired of being stuck, procrastinating or putting themselves last, they shift from unfulfilled potential to being in the driver’s seat of their life and creative projects guided by personality insights.


"I am feeling more positive about my ability to lead myself and also as I learn more and more about the INFJ personality, I am finding it to be so helpful in understanding why I do what I do. It has been a transformative experience." - Cora Pacheco

"I feel like I have pushed reset, examining so many areas of my life and personality. I now feel much more able to step into my own power and move forward confidently and with ease. Thank you Terri for gentle and encouraging feedback and informative and enlightening guidance." - Elizabeth Milligan

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