Sarah Waldron


Sarah is a lifestyle coach who works with clients to structure their lifestyles to optimise their health, wellness, relationships and careers. She believes it is the things we do everyday that build the foundation for us to live incredible, vibrant and fulfilling lives. Sarah deeply believes that lifestyles are the foundation of our health. She is passionate about people feeling vibrant and excited for their lives and believes that our work should make us feel good and that it is vitally important to nourish, move, sleep and manage our stress well.


Life, Health, Wellness and Self-Care, Career, Relationships, Australia & New Zealand


Yoga Teacher


Colac, Australia


Sarah’s clients yearn to improve their health, wellness, relationships or careers and to live from a place of vibrancy and calm. Sarah guides her clients to create lifestyles that support them in reaching their ultimate goal.


"Engaging Sarah as my coach was like hiring a best friend that kept me accountable. We set goals that inspired action. Each session, Sarah opened up and held space for me to feel safe and supported as I overcome the things that were holding me back." Hayley 

"I started working with Sarah when she was brand new to coaching. Sarah is an absolute natural coach. Throughout my first series with her we opened up a lot of areas of my life that I realised I was unsatisfied with. I completed a second series with Sarah and can now proudly say I am 100% living my absolute most vibrant life. I cannot recommend Sarah enough. She will change your life." Georgia

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