Sadie Tichelaar


Sadie is a life coach for childfree women ready to break out of self-limiting behaviours and explore their potential to live a life of meaningful fulfilment. A childfree woman herself, she knows what it’s like to walk the path less travelled – with its joys and challenges – and is passionate about supporting others to navigate their own path; get clear on goals and connect with their life purpose. With a background in project management, leadership and strategy plus natural skills as a curious, intuitive empath, Sadie supports clients with a unique blend of practical yet soulful coaching.


Life, Health, Wellness and Self-Care, Mindset, Spirituality, Career, Creativity, Middle Age (45+)


ILM Leadership Level 5, PRINCE2, CTArcF (Collaborative Transformation Fellow)


Surrey, United Kingdom


Sadie works with childfree women who are struggling to find purpose beyond patriarchal society expectations of womanhood equalling motherhood. They are fed up of feeling trapped by the 3 Ps - People Pleasing, Procrastination and Perfectionism and instead want to get curious about their potential and are ready to step into a life of meaningful purpose.


 "I was trying to create a new path, searching for a new direction in my life as I was feeling a bit lost. I knew I wanted to progress my career, but at the time I first met my coach something much deeper and complicated was effecting me. I wanted to explore aspects of my life that weren’t quite right and shift my mentality and after my sessions with Sadie, my career path and certain aspects of my job that I enjoy have been confirmed. I feel clearer about what I want to do and therefore I feel like my career and values have crystallised." - Emily O

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