Sadie Tichelaar


Sadie is a life coach for women ready to break out of self-limiting "good girl" behaviours and explore their potential to live an uncaged life of fulfilment. As a childfree woman, Sadie knows what it’s like to walk the path less travelled – with its joys and challenges – and is passionate about supporting others to navigate their own path; get clear on goals and connect with their life purpose. With a background in project management, leadership and strategy plus natural skills as a curious, intuitive empath, Sadie supports clients with a unique blend of practical yet soulful coaching.


Life, Health, Wellness and Self-Care, Mindset, Spirituality, Career, Creativity, Middle Age (45+), UK & Europe


ILM Leadership Level 5, PRINCE2, CTArcF (Collaborative Transformation Fellow)


Surrey, United Kingdom


Sadie works with women who are looking to break free from the restraints of beliefs which keep them small and instead embrace the freedom and power which comes from living life on our own terms. Her work is centred on supporting clients to connect back to themselves and remember who they really are beneath the weight of societal expectation. Her clients thrive when they awaken their own magic.


"Thank you Sadie for your gentle insight and powerful unpicking of so many situations that up to now I was not even able to identify as holding myself back. You have given me so many tools and the confidence to use them to help myself." - Rosemary Walsh
"Was like a breath of fresh air. The way we were able to dig in and unpick my goals was absolute magic. That in itself re-awakened parts of me. It was almost as if I’d sounded a horn and my body knew that I was there for it, that I cared and was taking note." - Gina Friel

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