Sabrina Johnson


Sabrina is a Self-Confidence and Discovery Life Coach who supports ambitious millennial women who are ready to find balance and discover their worth whilst creating a life of opportunity, spontaneity and passion. Sabrina is passionate about women owning their power, using their voice, and guiding them to wake up everyday with fire and purpose. She has a creative background and has personally been on the path of self discovery finding her inner fierce female. Her coaching series are personalised and tailored to each woman because she appreciates every client's unique style.


Life, Health, Wellness and Self-Care, Mindset, Career, Relationships, Creativity, Money



London, United Kingdom


Sabrina supports millennial women rediscover their power and reconnect with their confidence to create a life filled with ambition and blissfully transform to who they are truly meant to be. She thrives in the feeling of her clients being unapologetically themselves ensuring life is lived by their rules and building opportunity from their inspirations.


"She made me feel heard and seen for who I really am, she supported me built my confidence to see I am capable of whatever I set my mind to. People around me have seen me go from a people pleaser to stepping up and owning my power." - Chelsea

"I have finished my coaching series feeling empowered, engaging and I have overcome limiting beliefs whilst owning who I truly am. I have rebuilt connections and relationships with friends, built boundaries and have more consistent work/life balance. I have got my life back again filled with excitement, passion and being more spontaneous." - Joanna

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