Sabrina Davis


Sabrina is a Mindset and Self-Belief Coach working with overthinkers to move through being stuck in their heads, and take action towards creating their own joy-filled life. Through Sabrina’s practical and down-to-earth approach, she guides overthinkers to explore their boundaries, self-care and spirituality practice.


Life, Health, Wellness and Self-Care, Mindset, Spirituality, Australia & New Zealand



Brisbane, Australia


Sabrina works with overthinkers who find their perfectionist, procrastinating or people-pleasing tendencies keep them caught in their head. The women Sabrina works with are wanting to deepen their own self-belief and drop the stories that hold them back. These women are desiring to take up space in their own lives, and create a life which feels joyful.


“When I first connected with Sabrina I was unhappy and had so little energy at the end of the day. It takes a bit of courage to work with someone one on one to allow them to help you work on your dreams and desires. Coaching with Sabrina was life-changing, encouraging and motivating. My biggest change would be my perspective on life which affects EVERYTHING.” - Samantha B

“By the end of the first session, I knew Sabrina was the one for me. I felt she really ‘got’ me. She provided a good ear, a kind heart, an open mind, a wealth of knowledge and a great deal of understanding. Coaching with Sabrina was uplifting, real and supportive.” - Rosa P

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