Rowena Mabbott


Rowena Mabbott is a career and life confidence coach, writer, speaker and mother to three boys; two living and one angel. The loss of her second son inspired her to follow her heart, and leave her corporate HR role to become a coach, working with women and men who are seeking more from their career and life. In her lovingly practical way, Rowena supports her clients to follow their heart, gain clarity and confidence, and rediscover the joy in their life.


Life, Mindset, Career, Young People (18-28), Middle Age (45+), Business, Australia & New Zealand


BA (Psychology), Master Energy Healer, Human Resources Professional


Sydney, Australia


Rowena works with women and men who are seeking more from their career, business, and life. Whether desiring greater clarity in your career or business, more confidence in yourself, or support as you make changes in your business and life, with the strategic yet practical style of values-based, strengths-focused coaching Rowena provides, you will feel clear, confident, and content.


: “Coaching with Rowena was a fantastic experience; I enjoyed her systematic, customised approach. Now I am using my strengths, I'm more intentional about my time, and I have a better balance of time for myself and my family. I learnt so much about myself and I feel really clear about the way forward for my business and career.” - Garren

“When I came to Rowena I was seeking guidance, confidence and clarity in my career and life. The coaching Rowena provided was thought provoking, insightful, encouraging and positive; I now feel at peace, appreciate my strengths and have a plan to move forward.” - Belinda

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