Rechelle Mackay


Rechelle Mackay is an Intuitive Life Coach, doTERRA Leader and Podcaster empowering women to express themselves freely, live their truth and walk through life with an inner spark of confidence. Known as the Spiritess of Truth, Rechelle believes in turning your pain into your greatest power and she supports her clients transformations by fusing her diverse range of spiritual and healing modalities. Rechelles greatest power is her sharp intuition which she calls upon in all areas of her work, particularly in her private 1:1 intuitive coaching sessions.


Life, Health, Wellness and Self-Care, Mindset, Spirituality, Australia & New Zealand




Newcastle, Australia


Rechelle works with women who are ready to dig deep and uncover their past pain, patterns and beliefs so they can unravel it all, get messy and move forward into absolute confidence and clarity. Get ready to cultivate an unmistakable confidence so you’ll never have to apologise for who you are and be beyond ready to activate your truth, make big shifts happen, and create serious magic in your life.


"Through her effervescent, bold and no-bullshit approach, Rechelle helped me uncover many limiting fears and beliefs that had kept me from moving forward – all through her intuitive questioning and insights. Throughout the process I felt empowered and able and I knew that I had someone there who would lovingly call me out if I made any excuses on why I shouldn’t be moving forward. I am so grateful for the amazing and deeply intuitive coaching she gave me. She is a powerful Goddess woman who is deeply intuitive, wise, warm, sassy and completely authentic." - Karla Pizzica

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