Rebecca Reed

Rebecca Reed


Founder of HeartCoach, Rebecca is a Life Coach and Relationship Educator. She mentors in all heart fundamentals including love, life, heartbreak, relationships, and most importantly, the relationship we have with ourselves. The wisdom of her personal learning experiences are shared via her blog, social media, ebooks, workshops and coaching programs which include ‘Let Him Go for Good’, ‘Rock your Relationship Goals’, and ‘High Vibe Life Transformation.’ Rebecca launched 'Rock your Relationship School’ in 2018 - a group program consisting of online training and live coaching calls.


Life, Spirituality, Relationships, Australia & New Zealand




Brisbane, Australia


Rebecca works with women to develop greater awareness and understanding of themselves and their relationship with others. She helps them to drop the stories they've been telling themselves about why they can’t have what they want and moves them into an empowered space that allows them to step into their true self and show up in ways that reflect their desires.


“I made some big life decisions during the program and it has fundamentally changed my whole life. I can’t believe the changes I feel in myself, let alone the changes others have noted. I now have sense of well being that I didn’t feel before. The coaching gave me the courage to make vital changes in my lifestyle and choice patterns, I have set boundaries and I am now confident to say no and walk away from relationships and situations that do not serve my best interests. I can’t believe the changes in my life and how happy I am. My friends have all commented about how happy I am and have asked what my secret is. The secret is Bec.” - Danielle

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