Rachael Munyawarara

Rachael Munyawarara


Rachael is a Heartfulness Coach, Body Image Movement Global Ambassador and the owner of Sisters inTentz, a women’s luxury camping BnB. Rachael is passionate about assisting women to fully engage life with their whole heart, believing that when a woman is led by the gentle murmurings of her heart, everyday practices begin to transform her daily life. With clear intention to live life with a whole heart, women begin to see what they are truly capable of and with interior greatness comes exterior wellness and a life worth loving.


Life, Health, Wellness and Self-Care, Spirituality, Relationships, Australia & New Zealand




Drummond North, Australia


Rachael’s clients are fed up with the mediocre, overwhelmed by daily routine tasks and can’t remember the last time they reflected on their own needs. Rachael guides women to hear their heart first, allow their mind to process before their body moves them to action. When a woman gives herself the opportunity to reflect on what makes her come alive, transformational change results.


"My expectations of a coaching series were more of a systematic approach without emotion, but once we had our first session together, it was like I'd been handed a box of chocolates which was very indulgent. If I was to describe my coaching series with Rachael in 3 words I would say, insightful, precious and I felt understood." - Louisa

"This coaching experience gave me an opportunity to examine, with a fine-tooth comb, the changes I wanted to make and why these changes were important to me. This was extremely powerful and motivating. To feel supported to make active steps without judgement, was invaluable." - Sarah

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