Pippa Parfait


Pippa is a certified life and freedom coach who supports bloody brilliant women using her heart-centred yet powerful coaching style, to find another way to live their lives, by reconnecting with their soul values and desires, and using them as their action-taking sat nav. With a background in senior management and training, she weaves her passion for Kinesiology and listening to your body into her work with her clients. She is an extroverted introvert with a penchant for purposeful action, who believes in making friends with fear and the power of vulnerability, authenticity and courage.


Life, Health, Wellness and Self-Care, Mindset, Spirituality, Career, Relationships, Middle Age (45+)


Foundational Kinesiology; Level 3 Certificate in Anatomy & Physiology; Bach International Education Programme - Level 1 Bach Flower Remedies; CertEd Certificate in Education (16+); Train the Trainer (ILM).


Bath, United Kingdom


Pippa is a coach for bloody brilliant women who know there's got to be more to life - I mean women invented the concept, right? For the control freaks, the perfectionists, the strivers, the "give myself a hard time-ers" and the secret not good enough-ers who are finally screaming 'enough now'. They know there has got to be another way and they're committed to showing up for themselves to find it.


“Grounding and transformational, a true professional and an outstanding coach - you blend just enough warm and fuzzy alongside the tough love. You're a natural and your authenticity can be felt across continents!” - Julie. S

“It has been a life affirming experience which has really helped me be brave, find self-compassion and to carve out more time for me and my family too. Melissa. M My coaching was a combination of no-nonsense and inspired - letting go of striving and perfectionism has got so much easier! You've done so much for me, the loveliest heart-filled coach ever. I'm forever thankful to have brought back balance in my life.” - Deb. B

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