Pippa Parfait


Pippa is the Courageous Belonging Coach. She helps would-be rebels be courageous and daring, say “f*ck off” to the patriarchal status quo and belong fully to themselves. Belonging to yourself, as opposed to being a human pretzel to fit in, is at the heart of Pippa’s work, and this type of true belonging is at the heart of a courageous life. Fitting in looks like being who you think you need to be, to be approved of or accepted. Real belonging is being courageous enough every day to be all of you, no matter what, where and who with.


Life, Health, Wellness and Self-Care, Mindset, Spirituality, Career, Relationships, Middle Age (45+), Business


Foundational Kinesiology; Bach International Education Programme - Levels 1 & 2 Bach Flower Remedies; CertEd Certificate in Education (16+); Train the Trainer (ILM).


Bristol, United Kingdom


Pippa works with the contortionists, the ball-jugglers, the people-pleasers and the countless hat-wearers, who want to stop twisting themselves around like pretzels to meet everyone else’s expectations of them* and start meeting their own! (*more like, what they think other people’s expectations are because y’know: patriarchal habits die hard). Pippa also mentors new coaches and business owners.


"Pippa helped me to change lots of preconceived ideas I had, but she did it in a kind and compassionate way, walking me through how I felt and how I wanted my life to be." - Claire

"My coaching experience has been grounding and transformational. You are a natural and your authenticity can be felt across continents!” - Julie

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