Nina Vossschulte

Nina Vossschulte


Nina is a certified Life and Career Coach dedicated to help her clients get into the habit of being happy and successful. Having worked in the corporate sector for over 10 years in some of the largest organizations in the world, such as BMW, Microsoft, Adobe, Amazon and LinkedIn, she has seen her own wellbeing and that of her colleagues suffer as a result of unhappiness. In a world where everyone seeks meaning, she is on a mission to empower her clients find that meaning and, based on that, steer their life and career towards happiness and personal success.


Life, Career, UK & Europe




Munich, Germany


Nina works with anyone and everyone who is ready to embark on their own, personal happiness journey. Happiness is an inside job. Happiness is also a habit. And habits can be developed. YourHappyProject exists, because she truly believes that everyone not only can but deserves to lead a happy life on their terms. You do as well!


“Nina has an incredible talent in knowing the person deep within. She asked potent questions that revealed what I truly and deeply desire, and I came out refreshed, energized, focused and inspired. She was always supportive and warm, yet also very powerful and direct in guiding me to create definite actions toward my goals.” - Rio Watanabe

“My unhappiness required an outside impulse and Nina was genuinely passionate about listening to my stories. The intensive coaching left me grateful and paying attention to the seemingly small things in life - finally coming home to a feeling of happiness.” - Marc Steinbach

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