Miish Grixti


Miish Grixti is a copywriter, copy coach and messaging strategist. She shows big-hearted coaches and creatives how to create psychology-backed copy to make their clients feel seen, heard, and truly understood. As well as crafting strategy-driven words for companies like the Beautiful You Coaching Academy, Miish has worked with authors, artists, other industry leaders, and big-hearted coaches including Michelle Ward, Ellie Swift, and Tracey Spencer.


Mindset, Creativity, Young People (18-28), Money, Business, Australia & New Zealand



Tasmania, Australia


Miish works with big-hearted coaches who want to take their creative vision from idea to reality with maximum impact. Her clients are ready to launch courses or create big-hearted marketing assets like a quiz or welcome sequence. They want to learn how to convey the value of what they offer while building a business that feels shaped to fit them.


"When I decided to work with Miish, I was ready to inject some fresh energy into an upcoming launch to be able to really see and serve my audience. I wanted to tap into her zone of genius to make sure my audience could fully receive and feel the heart and power of my offerings. I LOVE that we felt like a creative team! I love that my voice was never curated into a robotic marketing strategy. I can read the full sales page and it sounds exactly like me, to the point that I want to sign up for my own offering - ha! And I LOVE that Miish brings so much genuine JOY and EXCITEMENT to the whole process." - Tracey Spencer

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