Michelle Marie McGrath


Fascinated with exploring the unique gifts of women, Michelle is a Self-love Mentor, Intuitive Womb Guide, writer, aromatherapist and creator of Sacred Self alchemical oils range, alchemical mists and self-love cards. Michelle's mission is to assist women in reconnecting to their sacred self - living a life based on what is most meaningful to them. Also the host of podcast 'Unclassified Woman' which predominantly explores the lives of women who are childfree or childless, birthing alternative lives of purpose. Michelle has a unique blend of nearly 20 years of holistic experience.


Life, Health, Wellness and Self-Care, Spirituality, Relationships, Creativity, Middle Age (45+), UK & Europe


Womb Awakening Mentor & Teacher Professional Aromatherapist (Diploma of Aromatherapy) Reiki Master, Meditation Facilitation Certificate, Labyrinth Facilitator & Building, Moon Mother Diploma of Energetic Healing, Crystal Vibrational Therapist, Vibrational Essences and Bach Flower Essence Certificate, Seichim Certificate, Divine Mother Mystery School with Qala Sri'ama Certificate IV Small Business Management Postgrad Diploma in European Business Management BA (Hons) Modern Languages


Cornwall, United Kingdom


Michelle works with amazing women who are here to break the traditional paradigms of our society and are ready to create a heart-driven, joy-fuelled life, not defined by others' expectations. Michelle’s clients know they can only change the world by changing how they feel about themselves by envisioning and creating their own sacred path. They are ready to dive deep into their own innate wisdom.


"Michelle brought awareness back to my womb space through gentle questions & a guided meditation. In the days following, my creative tap turned back on & healing occurred in a key relationship. Michelle has a beautiful, open, warm approach. It was a joy to be on the receiving end of her magic. I highly recommend her, and this transformative work." Rachel M

"Michelle has an uninhibited passion for empowering women & her enthusiasm is infectious and inspiring. Michelle helped me corroborate many of my own hunches & encouraged me to be open to new ways of exploring my future work." Patty K

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