Micala Duvoux


Micala is a heart-centred entrepreneur and life coach. She's passionate about living a life of freedom, joy and abundance and empowering others to do the same. Her talent is holding space and listening, picking up on what's being said and not said and gently but purposefully bringing truth to the surface. Her favourite coaching moments are seeing her clients light up with a discovery, a release of something that's been holding them back or an acknowledgement of the gift they are to the world. She believes that women who feel powerful create a ripple effect that helps raise all women.


Life, Health, Wellness and Self-Care, Middle Age (45+)




Figueres, Spain


Micala believes that each person comes to this earth with a unique set of gifts, experiences and purpose. She thrives on helping women to find their personal truth. Her soulful yet effective coaching style helps women listen to their intuition, their "soul compass", go easier on themselves with self-compassion and release limiting beliefs and fears to live with joy, purpose and clarity.


"Working with Micala was comfortable and easy. She's the kind of person that makes you feel you’ve known her forever and that you can say anything without being judged. She has the ability to listen and pick up on the words you choose to express yourself. She held space for me to come to my own conclusions. In 3 words I would describe my coaching experience with Micala as enlightening, grounding and comforting." - N. Nassif-Lips

"I would describe my coaching experience with Micala as life changing. She gave me the tools to set and achieve my own goals and be kind to myself in the process." - C. Bryant

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