Mette McGrath


Mette understands what it is like having a partner who works away for an extended period of time, once again leaving you to deal with the daily grind of organising kids, work and a household, with no external help available. Having lived this life for more than a decade, along with degrees in psychology and interpersonal communication, puts Mette in a great position to guide her clients to realise how amazing life can be when they prioritise their self care, and how self-love directly impacts their quality of life and relationships with kids and partners alike.


Life, Health, Wellness and Self-Care, Mindset, Spirituality, Relationships, Motherhood & Parenting, Australia & New Zealand


Bachelor of Psychology, Master of Interpersonal Communication


Perth, Australia


Mette works with mothers who have partners in FIFO jobs (Fly In Fly Out), i.e. any role that takes their partner away from home for repetitive, extended amounts of time, whether it be in the resources industry, armed forces or corporate. The women are keen to develop their self-care skills, but feel constrained in their options due to lack of support.


“I love the fact that Mette specialises in FIFO Mum’s. I knew she would 'get' my situation, sympathize, and understand the roller-coaster of emotions involved with being a FIFO Mum. The insight of the FIFO life that Mette has meant that I didn’t have to explain the constraints and challenges of my lifestyle.” - Jo Weldon

“Before, my aspirations felt like pipe-dreams or wish-lists, I now speak with more certainty and enthusiasm. I have a clear direction. I have become less porous and do not take on as much of others’ negativity. My confidence has grown. What seemed like really big issues came down to one core area: Value." - Jen Lynch

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