Melissa Lyon West


Melissa Lyon West is an international life coach, world traveler, cult survivor, nature lover and badass Mom of 4. Through coaching services, speaking and workshops, Melissa helps women who are tired of living in fear to overcome self-doubt, build confidence and self-worth so they can live boldly. After living in a cult for 30 years with no voice or power, Melissa’s desire is to use the pain, healing and growth that came from that to champion women creating a life they truly love. She is a believer in vulnerability, following joy and a good nap!


Life, Health, Wellness and Self-Care, Mindset, Spirituality, Relationships, Motherhood & Parenting, Creativity, North & South America


Bachelors in Elementary Education


Salt Lake City, United States


Feel like you don’t know your own voice or desires, or know how to make them a reality? Maybe you think you’re not good enough and there’s no way you could live out that dream so you feel trapped? Or you want to find what lights you up in life and work and live your life on purpose? If so Melissa is a coach helping women like you move past the fear of what others think and live bravely!


"When both my kids went to school I was trying to figure out who I was without a kid following me around. I was struggling with self worth and lack of trust in myself. Working with Melissa was such an enlightenment! I learned that the little cage door has always been open, I was just looking in the wrong direction. She guided my gaze and showed me what I am capable of. I love myself more because I have seen my worth more clearly.” - Tissiana P.

“Before Melissa, I was in a repetitive cycle of giving up. I was struggling to find value in myself. Now I feel unstoppable, like there is a fire inside me that nothing can put it out!” - Jenni A.

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