Melanie Wheatley


Melanie is a Business and Lifestyle Coach, committed to helping women entrepreneurs ditch the stress and overwhelm so they can enjoy the life and business they have. Using her skills of coaching, business mentoring and life experience she supports go-getting entrepreneurs who are stuck by helping them understand their values and that life and business can be on their terms. She is a introverted extrovert, a former stress addict and a power-house for purposeful action. She is #anti-hustle and firmly believe’s that life should be easy, business should be fun and there is no such word as can’t!


Life, Health, Wellness and Self-Care, Mindset, Career, Business, Australia & New Zealand




Surfers Paradise, Australia


Melanie works with stressed out women entrepreneurs and emerging leaders whose desire is to have a business and life that has them jumping out of bed with joy each day! They are on an endless pattern of eat, sleep repeat and their current catchphrase would be something along the lines of “I am just so busy”. And, they want more. They come to Melanie for guidance and support to re-create the li


“Working with Melanie has been exactly what I needed in my business and my life. I was feeling a little stuck in my business and life before and had a real lack of vision on where to go to next. My business success has happened so quickly that I didn’t feel like I had time to process or plan for the next steps. She has helped me get really clear on who I am, what I need so that my vision now matches those values. I am excited to continue working with Melanie and seeing the results I know I will achieve by being held accountable and having her support me every step of the way.” - Rosie Nerney

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